Fun Run

Colonial Park PTO is hosting our first ever Fun Run! It will take place on Friday, May 24, 2019. Proceeds from the Fun Run will support field trips and enrichment opportunities for our school. With help from teachers, administrators, and families, we hope this Fun Run will be a great success, while also encouraging students to be active and work together to achieve a larger goal!


All students will receive a t-shirt thanks to our generous sponsors.

Our sponsors are also helping insure all our runners stay hydrated on the day. Thanks to them they are being motivated with great mystery incentives for their fundraising efforts! Goldie has already distributed popsicles to every class for exceeding our first goal of $5000!!!

Fun Run Details

Weather permitting, the Fun Run will be held on the field behind the school. Classes will be split up throughout the morning. All students will participate in the Fun Run. There will be a course set out for 250 meters and 400 meters. Younger students will use the shorter course. Each lap of the course will have a different theme, such as running, walking like a robot, dancing, etc.

Volunteer Opportunities

Parents are welcome to volunteer, or just watch! Follow this SignUp Genius link to see our volunteer opportunities for the event. We will need help with set up, serving refreshments, clean up, taking photos, transitioning students, etc. If you have any questions or suggestions, please email Ryan Tollefson or colonialparkpto.

Fundraising Incentives

All students will get a Goldie sticker when they receive their first donation.

  • $125 pledged: Students may pick a prize from our Mystery Treasure Box

  • $250 pledged: Students may pick two prizes from our Mystery Treasure Box

  • $500 pledged: Students will be entered into a raffle to win a premium prize (Amazon gift card, YMCA family membership, Music School gift certificate)

Fundraising Goals

We would love to raise as much money as possible for our school. This will help keep other fundraising efforts to a minimum and help the PTO dedicate more time to facilitating the best educational opportunities for our students and staff.

We will keep a running tally in our Colonial Park Friends Facebook group and also in our school lobby.

Kickoff Assembly Video

On Friday, May 3, Miss Jean led a kickoff assembly for the Fun Run. Take a look by clicking the image below.

Check out the Stoneham TV video of our awesome Kickoff Assembly! Let’s get pumped up!!! Click the image.

Check out the Stoneham TV video of our awesome Kickoff Assembly! Let’s get pumped up!!! Click the image.